Boston Tea Party 

A small video game (tech demo) about this historic event.

Check out the Tea Party Trailer:

Tea Party Trailer

Bandwidth on this server is limited so the game is being hosted on (june3,2009 stand by, moving .zip to a new file server).  From there, download the latest available version of (8.17 MB).   

Story: This game set in the Boston Harbour in December 16, 1773.  This is a time where the people are upset with the English King's management of the colonies.   Your objective is to "stick it to the man" by dumping his tea into the water.  The tea crates below deck are heavy and can only be pushed - not pulled.  Use the right strategy so you don't push the crates into a corner and get stuck.  The Liberty of a Nation is depending on YOU!

System Requirements:  Download, unzip the file, go into the created directory and run teaparty.exe to play.  This is a 3D game that assumes you have a PC computer with enough gpu (video card) to handle D3D9 level graphics.  If you get an error on startup (such as D3DX32.DLL not found), then you simply need to update to the latest DirectX.   

Controls: The game uses the standard WASD and MouseLook Interface familiar to the "gamer" audience.  Space to jump, and left-click to pick things up or push heavy crates. If you want FullScreen mode then hit ALT-ENTER.  Hit ESC to exit.

Development History:  This game demo was put together in the last few weeks leading up to Dec 16 2007 at a cost of about $0.00.  I already had accepted a job offer, but had a few weeks of free time.  Having previously developed some experimental graphics/game engine tech on my own, I was motivated to showcase this work with some game concepts.  Hence I used our own engine and game code instead of licencing any 3rd party middleware.  Many of the diffuse textures and sounds are from public domain sources.  Photoshop, gimp, Maya and 3dsmax were also used for additional art creation.  There wasn't time to replace all of my boxy-looking "programmer-art".   And yup, that was me on the guitar.  

Regarding Today's Politics:  This game has no association with any official political campaign.  Its not my place to tell you what to think.  It is up to each individual to get informed (preferably from multiple sources) and make up their own mind.  That's what the Boston Tea Party was for.

No left handed coordinate systems were used and no animals were harmed in the making of this game.